7 thoughts on “Pharmacist Monogram ( Logo) Approved In India

  • Proud to be a pbarmacist. The logo represents the actual role of the pharmacist in patient counselling

  • Wonderful initiative by Pharmacist Foundation. A recognition for the pharma professional like us…. Yes a proud moment.

  • That’s fine, but I have not find related any documents of India government. Where is the order or the valid document of approval? Please help to find that. Thank you

    • The news appeared in punjab kesari newspaper. Bitter truth is Government do not consider pharmacists seriously important to upload the related news on its website.
      Documents can be assessed from ministry of trade and commerce through RTI or personally. However Pharmacist foundation have the necessary communication and they have also confirmed the news on their page. We will update other sources as soon as available.

  • Congratulations to the Pharmacist community on these pictures and I am happy that this committee has thought of some of the pharmacists that thanks to this kind of idea stream forward.

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